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Exotic smoothie recipes from around the world

(NaturalNews) As we pass through spring and go into summer, health oriented foodies can focus on smoothie delights for refreshingly healthy beverages. In case you’re unfamiliar with making your own smoothies, you’ll come to realize how easy it is if you have a decent blender that doesn’t have to come …

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How to boost your nutrition intake and your health with smoothies

(NaturalNews) Depending on what you put in your smoothies, they can boost your daily nutrition and vitamin count considerably. Some smoothies contain foods loaded with health benefits, such as kale, flax and ingredients with omega-3 fatty acids that are highly recommended for good health. Boost your daily nutrition intake – …

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The correct, easy way to make green smoothies for better health

(NaturalNews) During the 1960s and after, smoothies were presented as a healthy dairy alternative. They were made with milk, yogurt, or ice cream with some fruits and maybe even chocolate or peanut butter. These became popular as tasty items that offered the illusion of drinking something healthy. Though healthier than …

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